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Curriculum-Based Preschool and Kindergarten Programs

Dublin Learning Academy has been a cornerstone of the Dublin, OH community for over 25 years. We provide children with a private accelerated curriculum preschool and kindergarten programs.

Purpose & Commitment

The purpose of Dublin Learning Academy is to provide a place where parents can feel confident that their child is being cared for in the best possible way in their absence. All preschool and kindergarten programs operate with a commitment to compassion and moral obligation in an environment that is clean and developmentally stimulating.

The first years are the most important in the development of your child. Dublin Learning Academy works to provide an enjoyable educational experience for them. Our facility is staffed with teachers whose main goal is to provide your child with a variety of fun learning experiences.

We continually encourage each child’s healthy growth and development so that they will become strong, independent, and self-confident.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Dublin Learning Academy is a privately owned and operated school devoted to quality care and education for young children. We emphasize individual care and direction for each child to reach their full potential. We strive to establish self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, and good moral character in all our students.

Dublin Learning Academy’s curriculum combines intellectual curiosity and traditional learning methods to help lay the foundation for a successful educational career. Our teachers work to create an atmosphere for children to become excited about exploration and learning while building friendships.

Our Staff

The Dublin Learning Academy staff is comprised of early childhood professionals whose primary goal is to nurture and educate young children. Teachers strive to create a safe, stimulating environment to help each child acquire an appreciation for learning.

Our teachers are required to attend professional development training throughout the school year and to keep  OCCRRA training current.  We require our staff members to remain current in first aid, infant/child CPR, communicable disease recognition, and child abuse and prevention courses.

At Dublin Learning Academy, our teachers are excited to provide an environment where each child has an opportunity to discover, learn, and achieve their developmental and education goals!

Our Programs

At Dublin Learning Academy, we emphasize early development and education through programs designed to offer each child the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our preschool and kindergarten programs are curriculum-based and utilize assessments and portfolios to assist us in providing an individualized learning experience.

Enrichment Programs

We believe in a well-rounded education that addresses the needs of the whole child. In addition to Dublin Learning Academy’s classroom curriculum, we offer a daily enrichment program that is complementary to our educational goals. A wide variety of programs are scheduled.

Our Before and After School Enrichment Programs

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