Small Classes That Spark Curiosity and Build Confidence

Dublin Learning Academy believes in setting up our students for a lifelong love of learning through organized hands-on experiences. Our childcare curriculum grows along with your child from early education to Early Pre-School, Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and even School-Age Enrichment.

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Our caring teachers deliver our childcare and preschool curriculum in a nurturing and safe atmosphere. This gives your child the confidence and encouragement to learn and grow with each activity.

Dublin Learning Academy’s curriculum also provides your child with the physical, emotional, technical, and cognitive foundation they need to thrive in school and all areas of life.

Throughout their years at Dublin Learning Academy, you will see your child develop a love of learning at their own pace while mastering the fundamentals.

Ensure your child develops the core skills they’ll need for life by enrolling them in Dublin Learning Academy’s curriculum-based childcare.

Explore our Childcare Learning Areas and Skills

Dublin Learning Academy’s childcare curriculum makes learning feel like play! Learn more about Dublin Learning Academy’s age-based curriculum below. All activities across all age groups are planned to enhance growth in these fundamental learning areas:

Language Arts

Letter recognition, sight words, letter sounds, consonant blends, storytelling, creative journals, and reading.


Counting, number recognition, shapes, colors, patterns, sorting, matching, measuring, money counting, addition, subtraction, and probability.

Social Studies

Family, friends, community, the seven continents, oceans, world cultures, manners, rules, and relationships.


Five senses, seasons, weather, animals, living vs. nonliving, sink vs. float, the human body

Physical Movement

Soccer, Yoga, Dance, gross motor skills


Coloring, painting, drawing, clay, crafts, collages, and stamping


Singing and playing a wide variety of instruments


Spanish and American Sign Language

Our Programs

To learn more about the childcare curriculum by age group, check out the Dublin Learning Academy Program pages!