Infant Program 6 weeks-12months

Warm and Secure Infant Care in Dublin, OH

Dublin Learning Academy’s infant care is designed for children aged six weeks up to 12 months old. Your child will experience much growth in this pivotal time. Trust our experienced teachers and childcare providers to care for your child while guiding them through many essential developmental milestones.

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7am – 6pm

About Dublin Learning Academy Infant Care

At Dublin Learning Academy, we provide each infant with a warm and secure environment that stimulates developmental growth. Our Dublin, OH infant care teachers are highly trained to give the best care to each child while nurturing skills in language and motor development.

Dublin Learning Academy teachers introduce and utilize baby sign language, encouraging infants to communicate. We also work closely with you, the parent,  to maintain the child’s personal schedule. Dublin Learning Academy specializes in individualized care for infants through open communication with the families who trust us with their most important treasures.

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What We Learn

In Dublin Learning Academy’s Infant Room, our talented and caring teachers will help guide your infant through multiple developmental milestones and find consistency in daily life.

Dublin Infant Care Developmental Milestones

The care and development of each infant is the top priority of our experienced staff. Dublin Learning Academy staff monitors and assesses each child to ensure they achieve developmental milestones. Our teachers evaluate and celebrate the following milestones for each child:

Three Months

  • Lifts head & chest when lying on stomach
  • Improves head control
  • Moves body vigorously
  • Chuckles
  • Coos

Four Months

  • Follows moving objects when held in a sitting position
  • Takes objects, such as a rattle
  • Rolls from side to side
  • Controls head well
  • Laughs out loud
  • Enjoys play

Six Months

  • Transfers objects from hand to hand & hand to mouth
  • Babbles more than two sounds
  • Rolls from back to stomach
  • Sits with minimal support

Nine Months

  • Sits alone
  • Changes position without falling
  • Plays with objects at the same time

One Year

  • Pulls self to a standing position & may step with support
  • Follows simple directions accompanied by gestures
  • Picks things up with their thumb and one finger
  • Gives toys on request
  • May say 2-3 words
  • Stacks two blocks
  • Eats table food

Focus in the Infant Room

The infant room at Dublin Learning Academy is committed to consistency between home and school. The goal of our Dublin, OH infant care teachers is to work closely with the parents to understand and follow their desired schedule.

Parents will complete a Student Profile detailing: eating, sleeping, and other specifics regarding how they want their child’s day to flow. Since things change so quickly at this age, parents are encouraged to update profile sheets as needed.

Infants thrive at Dublin Learning Academy because our teachers bring expertise in the area of infant development and a passion for partnering with parents to offer consistency and love.

What We Do

Dublin Infant Care Nutrition

Nutrition is an important element of each child’s healthy development. We use bottles and breastmilk or formula provided from home. This gives the child consistency in their nutrition while giving you control over their early nutritional requirements.

Our infant room welcomes parents who wish to nurse or stop in to facilitate feedings. As foods are introduced, parents can also provide food and snacks to build a nutrition plan that is best for their child.

Dublin Infant Care Play Time

We provide a wide variety of toys and equipment for your child to use while in infant care. This includes carpet and water mats for “tummy time” and bouncy chairs, floor gyms, swings, and exersaucers to help with developmental milestones. Infants also participate in story time and sensory play while having a safe place to learn and explore!

Dublin Infant Care Nap Time

Rest is a vital part of every child’s healthy development. Infants nap frequently, and our infant care teachers work with families to establish individual nap schedules for each child. We ask that parents provide crib sheets and a blanket/sleep sac weekly, which you will need to clean and return at the beginning of the following week.

Dublin Infant Care Diaper Changing

Children are changed every two hours if not otherwise specified or needed. Parents supply diapers, wipes, and diaper creams (as necessary) for their child. We also require parents to supply two packages of wipes each month.

What We Need

While in the Infant Room, parents will be required to provide several items for their child to use during the day.

Personal Items

  • Bottles for each feeding of the day (all bottles must have your child’s name and the date the bottle was made)
  • Extra Bottle & Formula/Breast milk
  • Diapers (as needed)
  • Crib Sheet
  • Extra set of clothing
  • Bibs/burp cloths
  • Table Foods & Snacks


  • Tuition Agreement
  • Student Profile
  • Child Enrollment/Health Information Form
  • Pick Up Authorization Form
  • Medical/Physical Care Plan (if needed)
  • Parent Handbook Agreement
  • Family Key Agreement
  • Media Form
  • Medical Statement

Enrolling Your Child in the Infant Room

The decision to enroll your child is an exciting one!  Dublin Learning Academy wants to make this transition for your family pleasant. Please complete and return all paperwork before your child’s first day. Make sure to label all personal items. The office is available to answer questions at any time!

Enroll Today

Interested in enrolling your child in our Dublin, OH infant care, or would you like more information? Reach out to us today.