Lil’ Dreamer Program:

Little Ones Grow at Toddler Care in Dublin, OH

Our Dublin, OH toddler care program begins in the Lil’ Dreamer classroom, designed for toddlers who are 12-18 months old. Let us guide your child from an infant to toddler while making amazing physical, verbal, and cognitive advances.

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Lil Dreamer

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7am – 6pm

About Dublin Learning Academy Toddler Care

Lil’ Dreamers are new to being on the move and are all about exploring the world around them.

Dublin Learning Academy’s toddler care program leads your Lil’ Dreamer through age-appropriate lesson plans designed around their needs and interests, Our experienced and passionate teachers assist your young toddler as they meet developmental milestones in a fun and educational way.

Students experience many transformations during these important months.  The Lil’ Dreamers Program teaches toddlers to follow a schedule for eating and napping, as well as begin group play. Teachers will encourage your toddler to use their words to express needs and wants. Our Lil’ Dreamers also learn sign language for their most common needs and are introduced to counting objects, differentiating colors and shapes, and uppercase letters.

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What We Learn

Dublin Toddler Care Developmental Milestones

In Dublin Learning Academy’s Lil’ Dreamers Program, your toddler will begin to learn the basics of language arts, science, motor skills, emotions, and much more. We work closely with our Lil’ Dreamers to help them achieve appropriate milestones.

Language Arts

  • Understands & follows one-step directions
  • Recognizes & imitates animal sounds
  • Imitates others with sounds & facial expressions
  • Begins to express needs & wants with words and sign language
  • Sits down to listen & participate in circle time
  • Says 5-10 words


  • Recognizes basic colors
  • Recognizes basic shapes
  • Explores senses through the use of sensory table and other activities
  • Explores community helpers
  • Explores animals and animal sounds

Motor Skills

  • Begins to know how to use coloring utensils
  • Enjoys moving with direction to music
  • Makes marks with a crayon on paper
  • Gestures or points to indicate wants
  • Walks as the main form of movement
  • Push, pull & dump things
  • Turns spoon to mouth
  • Stacks blocks
  • Walks without help


  • Begins to understand right & wrong
  • Adapts to new routines and changes
  • Begins to understand feelings
  • Forms meaningful relationships
  • Separates from parents easily
  • Picks toys up with little help
  • Follows teacher direction
  • Expresses physical needs

What We Do

Rewards & Discipline

Rewards & Discipline

Dublin Learning Academy’s toddler care teachers encourage the Lil’ Dreamers with lots of praise! Children are rewarded for gentle use of their hands, sharing, cleaning up, and using “listening ears.” If your child displays inappropriate behavior, the teacher will re-direct them to another activity.

Toddler Nutrition

Lil’ Dreamers bring packed lunches to school. Snacks are provided by Dublin Learning Academy. Dublin Learning Academy provides milk for students at lunch and snack times. A microwave and refrigerator are located in the classroom for food storage and prep convenience. Lil’ Dreamers who arrive before 8:00 a.m. may bring breakfast to eat at school. Please note that due to the health risks of students with severe allergies, Dublin Learning Academy has a school-wide peanut-free policy.

Toddler Nap Time

Toddler Nap Time

Lil’ Dreamers take one nap per day after lunch. Each student has their own assigned cot for comfort and familiarity. Parents provide a cot sheet for naps which is sent home on the last school day of the week to wash and return at the beginning of the following week.

Toddler Diaper Changing

Toddler Diaper Changing

Children are changed every two hours unless otherwise specified or needed. Parents are to supply diapers, wipes, and diaper creams (as necessary) for their children. Teachers will notify parents when supplies are low.

What We Need

While enrolled in our Dublin, OH toddler care rooms, you will need to provide the following items for your child to use during the day:

Personal Items

Personal Items

  • Diapers (as needed)
  • Cot Sheet
  • Hard Sole Shoes for Outside Time
  • Extra set of clothes

Forms of Paperwork

Forms of Paperwork

  • Tuition Agreement
  • Student Profile
  • Child Enrollment/Health Information Form
  • Pick Up Authorization Form
  • Medical/Physical Care Plan (if needed)
  • Parent Handbook Agreement
  • Family Key Agreement
  • Media Form
  • Medical Statement


Enrolling your child in the Lil’ Dreamer Class

The decision to enroll your toddler in childcare is an exciting one! Dublin Learning Academy will help to make the transition to the Lil’ Dreamer classroom a positive and encouraging step in your child’s growth. Please complete and return all paperwork before your child’s first day. Make sure to label all personal items that are kept at Dublin Learning Academy. The office is available to answer questions at any time!

Enroll Today

Interested in enrolling your child in any of our Dublin, OH toddler care programs or would you like more information? Reach out to us today.