Explorer II: 2 1/2 years

2.5 to 3-Year-Olds Build Curiosity at our Dublin, OH Childcare

Our Dublin, OH childcare for 2.5 to 3-year-olds helps your busy toddler learn and build curiosity about the world around them. Explorer II students experience teacher-led demonstrations, hands-on art projects, and a dynamic circle time experience.

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Explorer 2

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6:30am – 6pm

About Dublin Learning Academy's Explorer II Program

Explorer II students are given increasing responsibilities with teacher-directed instruction, promoting your older to be more independent. Through age-appropriate, fun, and educational lesson plans designed around the student’s needs and interests, Dublin Learning Academy leads students through personal learning targets.

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What We Learn

Explorers begin to prepare for the rest of their academic careers through communication, group play, and other collaborative learning. Our experienced and caring teachers work closely with our Explorer II students, so each child progresses towards their achievement goals.

Developmental Milestones

Teachers work with your child to refine letter and number recollection, as well as introduce handwriting skills such as tracing and cutting with a focus on Preschool readiness. Our teachers strive for, assess, and celebrate the following learning targets:

Language Arts

  • Uses details to describe an object or event
  • Uses facial expressions when describing emotions
  • Identifies uppercase letters of the alphabet
  • Matches lowercase & uppercase letters
  • Uses “please” & “thank you” appropriately
  • Speaks in simple sentences


  • Identifies numbers 1-20
  • Can count from 1-25
  • Recognizes complicated shapes
  • Sorts by color & shape


  • Knows the current month through song & circle time
  • Says the days of the week & Months of the year
  • Identifies the weather and how to prepare for it
  • Knows all five senses

Music & Art

  • Recites short nursery rhymes
  • Identifies various instruments
  • Enjoys exploring all types of music
  • Colors & tries to stay in lines
  • Uses scissors properly
  • Develops appropriate grasp with a crayon, marker, and pencil

Self -Help/Social-Emotional

  • Stays focused on work
  • Works well with others
  • Follows the classroom discipline policy
  • Participates in group play
  • Demonstrates problem-solving skills
  • Understands a daily schedule & can follow a routine
  • Separates easily from parents
  • Cleans up work/play area

Focus in the Explorer II Classroom

Focus in the Explorer II Classroom

Each day, your child is encouraged to explore and discover new ways of learning. In our Dublin, OH childcare for 2.5 to 3-year-olds, each child works on expanding their vocabulary to communicate ideas, feelings, and events happening around them. The Explorer II curriculum focuses on identifying the letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-20, and complicated shapes and colors. The science curriculum recognizes animals, weather, seasons, and the body. Dublin Learning Academy students also work on healthy hygiene and manners.

What We Do

Rewards & Discipline

Explorer II teachers introduce behavior charts and use praise to encourage good behavior and other accomplishments. Your child will be rewarded for being gentle, sharing, cleaning up, using manners, and listening.

When a child is displaying inappropriate behavior, the teacher will re-direct them. When inappropriate behavior is continually displayed, children are asked to take a break to think about ways they can make better choices.


Just like in our other programs and classes, Explorers II students bring packed lunches. Snacks are provided by Dublin Learning Academy, but you are welcome to send individual snacks. Dublin Learning Academy provides milk for Explorers at lunch and snack times. A microwave and refrigerator are located in the classroom for food storage convenience. Students who come before 8:00 a.m. may bring breakfast to eat at school. Please note that due to the health risks of students with severe allergies, Dublin Learning Academy has a school-wide peanut-free policy.

Nap Time

Explorer II children take a nap each day after lunch. Each child has their own cot for nap time. Parents provide a sheet that is sent home on the last school day of the week to wash and return on the first day of the following week.

Potty Training

Explorer II students will work on completing potty training. Students will need extra clothes for accidents.

Daily Schedule

Our teachers and staff use a daily schedule to ensure a well-rounded learning experience. This is a typical Explorer II schedule:

  • 7:00-8:30 Free Choice
  • 8:30-9:00 Snack
  • 9:00-9:30 Circle Time
  • 9:30-10:00 Language Arts
  • 10:00-10:30 Manipulative Play & Sensory Art
  • 10:30-10:45 Math and Science
  • 10:45-11:15 Outside
  • 11:15-12:00 Lunch
  • 12:30-2:30 Nap
  • 2:30-3:00 Snack
  • 3:00-3:30 Closing Circle
  • 3:30-4:00 Teacher’s Choice
  • 4:00-4:30 Outside
  • 4:30-6:00 Teacher’s Choice

What We Need

Personal Items

  • 1 Water Bottle (labeled)
  • 2 Packages of wipes each month
  • 1 Package of Diapers or Pull-Ups (as needed)
  • Crib Sheet for Cot
  • Extra Set of Clothing
  • Balanced Daily Lunch

Forms of Paperwork

  • Tuition Agreement
  • Student Profile
  • Child Enrollment/Health Information Form
  • Pick Up Authorization Form
  • Medical/Physical Care Plan (if needed)
  • Parent Handbook Agreement
  • Family Key Agreement
  • Media Form
  • Medical Statement

Enrolling Your Child in the Explorer II Class

Enrolling your 2.5 to 3-year-old in our Dublin, OH childcare is an exciting one!  We want to make the transition for your family a pleasant one. Please complete and return all paperwork before your child’s first day. Make sure to label all personal items. As always, our office is available to answer questions at any time!

Enroll Today

Interested in enrolling your child in any of our Dublin, OH toddler care programs or do you need more information? Reach out to us today.